True Cellular Detox™

What is True Cellular Detox

As the name implies True Cellular Detox gets down to detoxing the underlying cause of the problem – the cell. Many programs work on downstream pathways such as the gut, liver, kidneys and the lymphatics. True Cellular Detox is a program that gets inside the cells and pulls out toxins once and for all.

Bring your body through a strategic process of restoring the state of health you were born into, optimizing cellular and systemic function, and rediscovering the vibrant you that seems to have been lost. True Cellular Detox gives you the map, the tools, the direction, and best of all, the proven efficacious formula for health optimization. It’s time to look better, feel better, be better. It begins now!

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True Cellular Detox

What It Is

  • Full-system Detox
  • Long Term Effects
  • Diet and Fitness Strategies
  • Emotional Detox Strategies
  • Meal Plans
  • Online Support

What It Isn’t

  • A colon cleanse
  • A foot bath
  • A juice fast
  • A coffee enema
  • A bottle of chlorella tablets
  • A ten day herbal cleanse

Remove the Source

We need to determine which toxic sources (heavy metals, biotoxins, environmental toxins and/or toxins inside your home) are causing body-wide damage. When identified, these sources can then be safely ushered out of the body using my crafted protocols.

Regenerate the Cell Membrane

In healthy individuals, the supple bi-lipid fat layer of the cellular membrane allows both nutrients to flow inside easily and toxins and free radicals inside the cell to leave unimpeded. If inflamed, nothing can come in and nothing can come out, so our cell becomes a toxic wasteland. Inflammation can also compromise our cell’s ability to function properly and truncates our ability to “hear” the hormonal impressions through the hormone receptors that reside on the outside of the cellular membrane.

Restore Cellular Energy

As nutrients flow into the cell, they feed the powerhouse called the mitochondria, which produces ATP (energy). Without adequate production of ATP, our cells are unable to detoxify or regenerate properly.

Reduce Inflammation

(NO/ONOO Cycle) – Toxic inflammation is produced from 3 main sources: overconsumption of refined sugar and grains, bad fats and toxins from food sources, cosmetics, air pollution, toxic cleaning products and more. Needless to say, inflammation and oxidative stress can wreak havoc and is at the root cause of all disease processes that we see in our office.

Reestablish Methylation

The body needs methyl groups to turn stress hormones on and off, if depleted, our body stays in a constant state of stress. In addition, if our methyl groups are non-existent or in short supply, the important roles they play in detoxification, DNA protection, hormone metabolism and epigenetics are unable to be performed.

True Cellular Detox - Roadmap