• Janelle Page

    Dr. Knight is amazing! I go to him every week and he keeps me feeling 100%! I love getting my muscles activated and have even experienced the power of AMIT with a recent knee injury. Because of his training and techniques, I was able to push through a traumatic injury without missing a ride or run. I cannot recommend Dr. Knight and his services strongly enough. In fact, I tell everyone to go and see him. I haven’t found one person yet he cannot help.
  • Shannon M.

    Dr. Knight has definitely helped my 6-year old son who has autism. I noticed improvements after our first visit. In fact, Lincoln came home and slept through the night after his first adjustment. His eating and overall demeanor the next day were also improved. I guess the thing i noticed the most is that he’s more calm. We really like Dr. Knight. He’s knowledgeable, helpful, kind and best of all, Lincoln looks forward to his visits.
  • Chrissy F.

    I have a 14-year old son with Spectrum Disorders, ADHD, SPD etc. He has a lot of anxiety and stress and has a really hard time focusing. I just started taking him to Dr. Knight and getting him adjusted to help treat the symptoms. I noticed that he was more calm. My son said he didn’t ache as much and things didn’t bother him as much (sensory sensitivity was down). For only having gone a handful of times, and both of us notice a difference, makes me excited what the […]
  • Steven P.

    I was in a car accident and hurt my neck and back. Dr. Knight has been able to speed me through the recovery process. I have no lingering back and/or neck pain. I have received chiropractic care before and Dr. Knight and the AMIT technique he uses is superior to anything I’ve ever experienced in this field.
  • Susan P.

    I’ve been going to True North Chiropractic & Wellness Center for awhile now and I really like Dr. Jeffrey Knight. He’s very caring, knowledgeable, anxious to help and researches additional treatments for my special conditions. I highly recommend him and his services!
  • Adrian Conway B.S.

    Throughout my entire athletic career I have been plagued with aches and pains and subtle injuries, and unfortunately the occasional serious injury that resulted in a big set back. I have been working with Dr. Knight for about 3 months, and through the process I have begun to feel better the longer and more consistent I am treated. His practice of muscle activation and spinal adjustment has helped me become aware that those daily aches and pains I was so used to dealing with can be avoided! I was coming […]
  • Holly C.

    After being in a car accident, I was experiencing pain in my neck and back. I started getting treatment from Dr. Knight to resolve this pain. He was able to make a plan with me on how best to resolve the issues. It was clear from the first meeting that he wanted to eradicate the pain, not just cover it up. After each visit, I felt much better, and over the course of my treatment I began to feel the lasting effect of the treatment. Dr. Knight is knowledgeable, skilled, […]
  • Tiffany Hendrickson

    Working with Dr Knight has been crucial for me in my competition season this year. This being my fourth year competing in CrossFit as a professional athlete I’ve started to have some issues with my lower back and shoulder. Dr Knight has been reactivating muscles in my body that were not firing,which was causing imbalance and discomort in my body as I trained. It’s an amazing experience having him do the testing and to notice the lack of strength in those muscles. Within 15-20 minutes of him working on them […]
  • Janelle P.

    Dr. Jeffrey Knight is an incredible chiropractor. I really like the AMIT Muscle Activation technique he employs. I’ve never had such hands on treatment from a chiropractor before. His initial exam was extremely thorough and my subsequent treatments are tailored just to me. I have already seen significant improvements in my athletic performance and mobility. If you want to function and/or feel better, I highly recommend True North Chiropractic & Wellness Center.
  • Michael M.

    Dr. Knight is a great chiropractor, but the services he provides are so much more than just that. I came to him just a month before a major race with painful IT Band problems. Using the Muscle Activation Technique and ADAPT Rehab, Dr. Knight employed a holistic approach to identify and help resolve the root cause of my pain and get me ready for race day. He was very accommodating with my schedule as well. His office was clean and comfortable and Dr. Knight was friendly and professional.
  • Rachel P.

    I have been going to Dr. Knight for comprehensive treatment to fix a lot of muscles that aren’t working properly and for minor adjustments along the way, but I began seeing him to relieve my seemingly chronic headaches. I had headaches almost every single day, and after just my first treatment, I noticed a huge difference. It has been almost three months since my first treatment, and I have only had three or four headaches total, which has been a MAJOR improvement!
  • Garrett P.

    I’ve been treated by Dr. Knight multiple times and love it, He is very thorough and good at what he does. He is also one of the only people my wife will let treat her when she has issues. Id give him six stars if I could.
  • Dan A.

    I’ve seen Dr. Knight multiple times. He’s worked on my weak shoulder as well as some hip problems. I have more range of motion and strength where needed. He have me exercises to do at home for both issues so that my chiropractic care sessions would be more productive. Even traveling 40 minutes from Draper is worth it. I have been to many chiropractors and definitely recommend True North!
  • Brandon W.

    Dr.Jeffrey Knight helped me overcome an ankle sprain with is Muscular Reactivation and also helped me recover from some IT band problems I had been having. Very knowledgeable and thorough in his assessing of injuries.
  • Mindi J.

    When I first went to True North I was in pain and worried I would get another “two year treatment plan” resulting in large amounts of money leaving my health savings account. Dr. Knight listened to my concerns, was committed to relieving my pain and helping me to continue in my active lifestyle. I was very impressed with his professional manner and caring attention. Can’t go wrong with True North!
  • April B.

    I am 36 and pregnant with my third child. For some reason my lower does not like the changes and my back locks up and I am not able to walk. Dr Jeffery knight through his Technics has allowed my lower back to relax with regular visits so I am able to walk. I appreciate all Dr Knight has done in order to make my life livable through my pregnancy.