Sports and Athletic Performance

As an athlete you know that your athletic performance is heavily impacted by pain. Luckily, you don’t have to be a chronic sufferer of pain to benefit from our chiropractic services. You may be experiencing frustration and noticing that something is keeping you from optimal performance or achieving your athletic goals.

Your body is a complex system of interacting parts. Often times, injuries – even seemingly inconsequential ones – or overused muscles can create a functional imbalance. Certain muscles may disengage and cause other muscles to work harder in order to compensate. It’s clear to see that this imbalance can not only affect your athletic performance, but cause inflammation or other pain.

Dr. Knight is skilled in restoring your body’s natural balance. Using AMIT or the OTZ Method , Dr. Knight will discover where your imbalances are, correct them, and help improve your athletic performance while avoiding further injury.

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Adrian-3-IconThroughout my entire athletic career I have been plagued with aches and pains and subtle injuries, and unfortunately the occasional serious injury that resulted in a big setback. I have been working with Dr. Knight for about 3 months, and through the process I have begun to feel better the longer and more consistent I am treated. His practice of muscle activation and spinal adjustment has helped me become aware that those daily aches and pains I was so used to dealing with can be avoided! I was coming off a newly diagnosed grade 3 slap tear and a partial pec tear when I first went in, the assessment process showed us that I had a lot more issues than I had known. Through the time, my shoulder feels stronger and more stable than in the last 2 years and my pec is back to full function. Jeff has brought an awareness even to my training of what specific muscles are lacking and what are are being overworked, the lack of balance I had is what would eventually lead to those serious injuries I would suffer from periodically. I feel fortunate to be able to work with Dr. Knight and am excited about all he has been able to help me with thus far, and where he will help me go from here.

–Adrian C.

Working with Dr Knight has been crucial for me in my competition season this year. This being my fourth year competing in CrossFit as a professional athlete I’ve started to have some issues with my lower back and shoulder. Dr Knight has been reactivating muscles in my body that were not firing,which was causing imbalance and discomort in my body as I trained. It’s an amazing experience having him do the testing and to notice the lack of strength in those muscles. Within 15-20 minutes of him working on them he will retest and in that moment I will experience them locking into place as they are now firing the way they are suppose to! Thank you Dr Knight for keeping me healthy allowing me to do what I love.

–Tiffany Hendrickson