Pain Elimination

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No one should have to greet each day with chronic pain. So often, we attempt to treat pain with medications, surgeries, and band-aids without really getting to the heart of the issue. 

Ultimately, your body was designed to operate in a balanced state. Throughout life, injuries, tweaks, or overused muscles can cause your body to become imbalanced. An aching back, frequent migraines, Frozen Shoulder Syndrome, neck pain, etc., are all usually a result of some imbalance or misalignment. 

Dr. Knight has been trained in some of the most effective, non-invasive pain elimination treatments in existence: AMIT and the OTZ Method. Additionally, he can help your body get the nutrition it needs in order to fully express its natural healing abilities. 

If you’re living with back pain day in and day out, you owe it to yourself to download Dr. Knight’s free guide, “Top Five Ways to Alleviate Back Pain.”

Also, give us a call to schedule your free screening to see if Dr. Knight can help you alleviate your pain – for good. 801-447-1647

susan-pageI’ve been going to True North Chiropractic & Wellness Center for awhile now and I really like Dr. Jeffrey Knight. He’s very caring, knowledgeable, anxious to help and researches additional treatments for my special conditions. I highly recommend him and his services!

— Susan P

holly-testiAfter being in a car accident, I was experiencing pain in my neck and back. I started getting treatment from Dr. Knight to resolve this pain. He was able to make a plan with me on how best to resolve the issues. It was clear from the first meeting that he wanted to eradicate the pain, not just cover it up. After each visit, I felt much better, and over the course of my treatment I began to feel the lasting effect of the treatment. Dr. Knight is knowledgeable, skilled, and professional. I would recommend anyone with body pain, and in need of chiropractic treatment to visit Dr. Knight.

— Holly C.

steven-pI was in a car accident and hurt my neck and back. Dr. Knight has been able to speed me through the recovery process. I have no lingering back and/or neck pain. I have received chiropractic care before and Dr. Knight and the AMIT technique he uses is superior to anything I’ve ever experienced in this field.

— Steven P.