OTZ Method

Can chiropractic treatments really help autistic children? 

Chiropractic care is the starting point for helping autistic children begin to regain normal control. In order to understand how chiropractic care can help autistic children, it’s important to understand the physical complexities of this condition. Many children with autism suffer from a range of physical ailments, such as a lack of motor coordination, gastrointestinal distress and poor sleep.

Pediatric chiropractic treatments focus on addressing these physical conditions, providing autistic children with specialized treatments to alleviate the underlying conditions. Many parents of autistic children who receive chiropractic treatments notice medium to significant improvements. 

What physical benefits can chiropractic treatments provide? 

Chiropractic treatments, when done correctly for children, include gentle, specific adjustments to joints, concentrating particularly on spinal subluxations. This can improve the nervous system and release the body’s natural healing ability.

Regular treatments can help regulate these conditions:

  • Properly functioning nervous system
  • Balanced gastrointestinal function
  • More restful sleep

Dr. Knight also offers nutritional counseling to parents of autistic children so they can maximize the benefits of spinal adjustments with diet. Many children on the spectrum benefit from gluten-free or casein-free diets, and Dr. Knight is dedicated to helping parents discover the right balance of nutrients for their child.

How is Dr. Knight different from other chiropractors in treating autistic children?

Treating autistic children requires a specific adjusting technique, and Dr. Knight was taught by world renowned chiropractor, Dr. Francis Murphy, from Dallas, Texas. Dr. Murphy developed the OTZ Tension Adjustment, and patients report positive results and success with children that have autism, Asperger’s, ADD/ADHD, developmental delays, and dyspraxia.

Because there is such a high demand for the services across the nation, Dr. Murphy trained other doctors from around the world to help as many children as possible. Dr. Knight is currently the only doctor in Utah who is using this technique specifically for children.


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I have a 14-year old son with Spectrum Disorders, ADHD, SPD etc. He has a lot of anxiety and stress and has a really hard time focusing. I just started taking him to Dr. Knight and getting him adjusted to help treat the symptoms. I noticed that he was more calm. My son said he didn’t ache as much and things didn’t bother him as much (sensory sensitivity was down). For only having gone a handful of times, and both of us notice a difference, makes me excited what the future will bring.

–Chrissy F.

Dr. Knight has definitely helped my 6-year old son who has autism. I noticed improvements after our first visit. In fact, Lincoln came home and slept through the night after his first adjustment. His eating and overall demeanor the next day were also improved. I guess the thing i noticed the most is that he’s more calm. We really like Dr. Knight. He’s knowledgeable, helpful, kind and best of all, Lincoln looks forward to his visits.

–Shannon M.