Neurological Integration System (NIS)

What is NIS?

Have you ever worked hard to hang Christmas lights on your home, only to plug them in and have them not light up? Typically this happens when a bulb is out and has caused a disconnect with the rest of the strand. The remedy is to find the bulb and either tighten or replace it to get your lights back in working order.

This is similar to our bodies. Our brain is similar to the plug that sends messages to the rest of the body. However, if a specific part of the body is not responding, it can be like that faulty Christmas light and cause a chain reaction. The purpose of NIS is to find the area that is not responding to messages from the brain and restore function. This method of treatments looks past symptoms to treat the underlying cause of pain or dysfunction.

How Does NIS Work?

NIS involves a series of muscle tests that allow Dr. Knight to find what part of the body the brain is disconnected with in order to restore function. The muscle test asks the body if the brain signal is reaching a specific part of the body. If the muscle stays strong, the signal is fine and that body part is functioning as it should. If the muscle goes weak, Dr. Knight then knows what part of the body is causing the problems. Once the disconnect is identified, he can then tap a specific area of the skull to help the brain restore function and help the body resolve symptoms.

This unique approach accesses the intelligence of the brain and does not rely on manipulations, medications, exercises or special diets. Instead, it allows the brain to make the corrections it needs to restore function and return your body to its optimum function.

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NIS has been developed by Dr. Allan K. Phillips, D.O. from New Zealand. He has dedicated his life to the investigating and applying principles of neuroscience to address WHY a patient’s neurophysiological function has caused the symptoms of ill health/pain. There are hundreds of practitioners throughout the world using NIS, and Dr. Knight is proud to be one of the many to serve the great people of Utah.

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