Autism and Broad Spectrum Disorders

That’s right. In recent years chiropractic work has shown to significantly benefit children with autism, broad spectrum disorders, sensory processing disorders, ADHD/ADD and other behavioral and neurological challenges.

The approach Dr. Knight takes in assisting his patients is through focused customization for each individual by:

  • Detoxing the Brain
  • Nutritional and Digestive Support
  • Neurological Integration System
  • Chiropractic Adjustments, specifically the OTZ method
  • Neuroentrainment

The brain links to the rest of the body through the spine. By discovering where some of the connectivity may be disrupted, Dr. Knight will help realign the connectedness of your child’s nervous system and correct areas of disturbance. Combined with proper nutrition, digestion, and detoxification your child’s body will begin to naturally heal itself.

Among the improvements parents have noticed in their children are a significantly enhanced ability to concentrate, less aggression, digestive relief, increased vocabulary, more refined motor and athletic skills, improved social abilities, more positive interaction with siblings, friends and adults, and many, many more – not to mention just feeling happier!

For more information download Dr. Knight’s free e-book, Simple Tips to Unlocking Better Communication, Confidence and Clarity for Your Child or if you are ready to get started call our office for a free phone consultation with Dr. Knight. 801-447-1647

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I have a 14-year old son with Spectrum Disorders, ADHD, SPD etc. He has a lot of anxiety and stress and has a really hard time focusing. I just started taking him to Dr. Knight and getting him adjusted to help treat the symptoms. I noticed that he was more calm. My son said he didn’t ache as much and things didn’t bother him as much (sensory sensitivity was down). For only having gone a handful of times, and both of us notice a difference, makes me excited what the future will bring.

–Chrissy F.

Dr. Knight has definitely helped my 6-year old son who has autism. I noticed improvements after our first visit. In fact, Lincoln came home and slept through the night after his first adjustment. His eating and overall demeanor the next day were also improved. I guess the thing i noticed the most is that he’s more calm. We really like Dr. Knight. He’s knowledgeable, helpful, kind and best of all, Lincoln looks forward to his visits.

–Shannon M.